Good Mornings

Francie is a great baby... so far! She loves to sleep and eat and when she does cry she's usually pretty easy to soothe. Our favorite parts of the day are when she's awake and alert and she just looks at you with her big, still deep blue, eyes. She makes such funny faces! We could just stare at he all day whether she's sleeping soundly or awake and checking out her new world. At night, she's been starting out in her bassinet and waking up around 1am to nurse, then sleeps (usually on one of our chest's... we're allowed to spoil her for a few weeks right?!) and wakes up again at 6am to nurse, then sleeps until 9 or 10am! Her mother trained her well, I'd sleep-in in the mornings while I was pregnant and tell Heff I was training the baby to sleep late in the mornings :) Heff and I wake up between 7:30-8:00ish and he sets me up on the couch to watch the Today show and check my emails while I hold sleeping Francie and wait for her to wake up and eat. Life is pretty good.

BINKY girl!! So we tried the binky yesterday... she loves it :) Shes not a fussy baby but loves to suck on Dad's pinky finger and is a great little nurser. There just seem to be times she's not hungry but looks for something to pacify herself. The pediatrician said he isn't opposed to a pacifier early on but recommended waiting a couple weeks so she doesn't have any unneccessary problems nursing. So we made it a full week but couldn't resist trying it out for the car ride yesterday running errands, she's still not a huge fan of the carseat. We'll ease into it but she looks so cute with a binky in!

Her favorite places to sleep... laid out on Dad or snuggled up with Mom. She looks so tiny on Heff but check out those big feet! (Heff is a size 14 and I'm an 11, sorry Francie you're doomed!)