Francie's first days at home

She's getting bigger... Francie is eating well and gaining weight, we didn't expect anyless as she IS a Heffernan and likes to eat! The picture above is Francie at 6 days old, but I think she looks "older" than the top picture in the last post from the day she left the hospital at 4 days old. (I know, we're already turning into those obnoxious parents we used to make fun of:) But we're having fun at home as a family with lots of help from our moms, Oma and Jannie. Our neighbors have been great bringing meals for us and visiting with the new member of the neighborhood. We've also been organizing the house and trying to make it work for a real live baby (and not just to look cute for blog pictures), doing lots of baby laundry and just hanging out with Francie!

Sleeping on Dad's chest in her little sleeping gown

Going on our first walk around the neighborhood on Sunday... little Alexa who lives across the street came over with Dad to meet her new friend Francie

Francie "Pretty in Pink"

In the Bugaboo for the first time... she looks so tiny in there!

Jannie and Oma helping make sure we don't go hungry - THANKS MOMS!

Grandpa LOVES holding his granddaughter, especially with a glass of wine while Jannie brings him some snacks... it doesn't get much better than that

Oma and Aunt Kat who came over afterschool to visit with her god-daughter

Bedtime! Heff looks only slightly more comfortable than he did in the hospital bed-chair :) He loves having Francie fall asleep on his chest