Welcome Home Mary Frances!

Her diaper bag all ready to go with her Going-Home-From-the-Hospital Attire... Em gave her the adorable outfit and my mom and I made her white ruffly blanket together.

Naked baby girl

Dad getting Francie dressed and ready to go HOME

Ceremoniously taking of her "Lindsay Lohan" security ankle bracelet

Mom and her Sweet Baby

She's MAD!! Heff says her eyes are burned from mom taking too many pictures :)

The Heff's. We're a family of three now!

Heading out to the car... we can't believe they are actually letting us take this beautiful baby home! We feel soo lucky.

Outside Lucile Packard on September 22 (her due date!)

A rainy day for Francie, her first time outside!

Not so sure about this carseat thing

Welcome home Francie (Jannie made a banner for us and was already at the house cleaning, organizing and warming it up to make a clean, cozy homecoming for the baby)

Dad is so excited to have "his girls" home

The rain washed everything clean for a new baby :) Made or a great weeknd to watch football and snuggle in at home with Francie

Oh dogs, you are going to be spending a lot more time on that side of the door

This banner was in my dad's office the day I was born! I can't believe my mom still had it, my Dad's secretary made it for him and decorated his office in PINK! (You can kind of see the pictures on the left stuck in the frames of my parents in 1978 under the same banner)

Welcome Home Mary Frances... we hope you like your house (and we hope you don't mind blue!!)