Francie's First Days

Isn't she cute! This is Auntie Ann again filling in to add some photos to the blog. If you are a faithful reader I'm sure you've been dying for updates since Mary usually adds details daily. Here is another photo of Francie, this one taken at 2 days old. My mom (Jannie) thinks she looks like I did as a baby which is nice to hear but I should warn Francie that she'll have some serious awkward years to deal with. Everyone has also noticed Francie has very large hands for a baby and I think that is a Simo-Heff trait she got from both parents.

I already bought Francie two summer outfits for when she is almost nine months and comes out for my Vandy graduation in May. Shopping for baby girl clothes is so much fun! Francie is the fourth Heffernan grand-girl of the big family (following Ellie, Kate, and Isabel Rose) and on the Simonson side she is also the fourth girl (following Annette, Jane, and Lucia). She is also starting the oldest girl tradition up again for another generation (Jannie is the oldest of her siblings as well as Mary). Francie is lucky to have two fantastic god-parents as well: Aunt Kat and Uncle James.

She is now 3 days old and a happy and healthy baby enjoying her one on one time with Mary and Heff, especially since they got moved into their own room at Stanford. I'm sure everyone can't wait to have them home for more accessible visiting and tons of pictures and blog posts.