"Consider that a Big Deal"

My sister, Baby Ann, is about to be de-throned as the baby of the family... but she's taking it pretty well. Ann is one of the funniest people I know and I miss having her at home to shop for me and keep me entertained. If you've ever heard her impersonations of the oh-so-southern girls at Vanderbilt going through rush ("Y'all we have to pick her she's so nice I saw her pushin a wheelchair up a ramp once!) you wouldn't be able to stop laughing. She's 8 years younger than I am but she is my best friend and so much fun. I can't wait until she has kids one day, but that will mean she has to get over her queasy-ness about blood and doctors and she'll have to like kids.

Baby Ann was also breech in my mom's last week of pregnancy- she flipped on her own ON her due date when my dad thought it would be a good day to take my mom and all three of us to Alcatraz for the day (hadn't he done this three times already!?) but luckily it was sold out so they drove around the city with us and on one of those big hills in SF my mom felt Ann do a huge somersault in there and sure enough she had flipped on her own! Cletus want to follow your Aunt's lead???

So Ann emailed me this morning (or in Facebook terms she "wrote on my wall" and changed her profile picture) and said:

To: MaryHeff
you are now in my picture, consider that a big deal. i figured i should be nice to you if i want to hang out with cletus a lot. has she/he flipped yet?? i think brian should take you to alcatraz on the 22nd, i heard that worked for some people.

love you miss you

Baby Ann

This is her new Facebook picture.

Ok, Ann. You've been blogged about on www.BabyHeff.com. Consider that a big deal.