McKendry Block Party!

We had a great day Sunday co-hosting the McKendry Block Party with our neighbors, the Keeps and the Ewers. We love our neighborhood and have so many fun people, cute kids and generally great families on our street. The party was set to start at 4pm, but we all got a little head start :) We had our outdoor couch on the sidewalk, the Bounce House Sports Complex from Brilliant Babies provided hours of entertainment, Heff brought out the Kegerator which was tapped by 6pm, and John's tow-behind BBQ had enough grilling space for the whole neighborhood (although Heff wasn't so thrilled to let the tofu burgers touch the BBQ!)

Getting ready with Emma, Owen, Chrissie and Jolian

The boys Heff, Miles and Ben



Heff and his Kegerator

Ben in the Bounce House

Chrissie gives instructions for the Balloon Toss

You can't have a block party without water balloons!

Bethy came by to visit and see if we had any hot, single neighbors :)

James and Em joined in too...

Then Bethy changed into my clothes and pretended she was me, complete with my business websites on her nametag and asking where her "AK22 was to shoot some Dove's"- haha Bethy :)

Sandra and Alexa

The Ryans



Emma and Owen wait for dessert

The dogs... my favorite beasts

Anna races by on the John Deere


Heff laying down the Bounce House rules (I made him be the bad guy when the "big kids" got a little out of hand!)

Sophie sad there is no more beer in the Keg

Menlo Oaks neighbors... The Johnets came by and Kat too!

S'more time and the party continues! Mary and Anna taking a break

Heff's turn to be entertained by Anna (who says "I love Heff!")