Would You Rather....

Watch Barry Bonds make history hitting his 756 Homerun on a nice, warm Tueday night in San Francisco


Learn about dialation, effacement and the natural birth process at a Bradley Class on green shag carpet in "Denise the Bradley Teacher's" living room with four other couples and old VHS footage of childbirth?

Heff is a saint :) Not only does he have to (get to?!) attend our 9-week Bradley or "Husband Coached Childbirth" Classes with me every Tuesday night... I was worried maybe the Bradley would be a little to hippie-ish for us so I ALSO signed us up for the 3-week Lucile Packard Hospital Childbirth Course on Wednesday nights. So this week we had two evenings of classes, which wouldn't have been so bad except that the "class material" this week was exactly the same for both classes and I was getting evil looks from Heff who said afterwards he could have taught the class (Identical poster diagrams and the same exact flip charts about stages of labor Pamper's must hand out like candy to childbirth teachers) Next week we're packing THREE nights of classes in when you add our Thursday Night Breastfeeding class (don't worry only a 1 time class) at Day One. Umm, is there such thing as over-prepared?! My mom fessed up to Heff that she made my dad go to two sets of classes too, Lamaze and the hospital class that my dad refered to as "Childbirth GRAD School" so I guess it's in the blood!