Heff and I have both been busy at work getting things ready to stay home for awhile after the baby comes. His solo practice is doing great, he gets to work from home sometimes and comes home early most days... much better than big firm life! Academic Trainers is gearing up for a new school year and Brilliant Babies is doing great, I should be all set to bring Baby Heff along to work with me after awhile!

We just got a whole collection of "dress up clothes" and costumes for the kids... they look so cute! Here is a picture of "Tre the Octopus," he belongs to one of our favorite tutors at Academic Trainers and we get to see Tre almost everyday at Brilliant Babies while his mom is working.

I am really lucky to have a great staff on board who make my life very easy... Janelle runs Academic Trainers better than anyone, she's always so positive and friendly, covers all the bases and is constantly doing things to improve our business. She really goes over and above to make sure we are running a professional business and the parents, kids and other staff all love her. Thanks Janelle! (Here with Tre in the "I Ain't Lion" costume":)

Rashelle is the Director of Brilliant Babies and does such a fantastic job juggling the business side of things while playing with the kids and making sure everyone is safe, happy and having fun. She always has a smile on her face and is constantly coming up with new activities for the kids, this week she coordinated with the Menlo Park Police Department to have an officer come in and fingerprint the kids in honor of "Superhero Week"! Thanks Rashelle!

Corinne helped us get Brilliant Babies started as Co-Director and today was her last day! She is pursuing a Master's degree in Speech Pathology and classes will keep her from working this semester. Corinne was great with the kids and parents at BB and we'll all miss her!