Lunch with 3 BABIES!!!

No you're not seeing things, those are the Carter Triplets!!! Our good friends/neighbors growing up from a few doors down have three baby boys keeping them all busy. Ryan Carter and his wife Kim (in the pink shirt) are the proud parents to Danny, Drew and Dylan who are almost 3 months old. Janet and I had Kim and her Mom, Pat, over for a pizza lunch date today and we had so much fun playing with the babies and enjoying the sunny day outside. The boys tried out the Pram and loved it! Heff was worried Cletus might get his or her feelings hurt that another baby got the first (and second and third!) ride in the pram, but I think Cletus was happy to share with his/her friends Danny, Drew & Dylan. :)

Dylan sleeping soundly...

Jan and Dan

Pat and the pram... and babies everywhere!

Mary and Kim feeding hungry babies