Fence in a Weekend

Heff and I spent most of the weekend building a new fence in our front yard. We have it almost finished, we just have to build a front and side gate and paint it all white. The fence will hopfully keep the dogs in so we can leave the front door open and eventually create more of a front yard for Baby Heff! We had fun designing and building the fence together, of course I didn't like any of the pre-cut pickets at the lumber yard so we (um, ok mostly my husband) had to cut each of the 103 pickets for the fence... in addition to digging fence posts and all the other fun parts involved in building a fence :) It was a great opportunity to catch up with ALL the nighbors who stopped by to check out the progress and visit and my parents came by too, Jan to lend her eye for design and John brought us lunch both days. We finished cleaning up tonight, Sunday, and had a fun dinner at the Johnet's with James and Em, Jer and Allison and my parents. We are both tired out but love our new improved front yard!