Oh, the dogs

So Sage and Ollie have actually been getting a little better, we were trying to just live with their obnoxious habits (shedding, barking, chewing feet, smelling, etc) especially since we thought Sage had a terminal diagnosis... then we took him to the Vet to remove this gross bump on his back leg when we couldn't look at it anymore and $780 later learned he has a clean bill of health! So we have "Soggie Doggie" mobile grooming coming every other week to keep them clean and are trying to change their awful habits before the baby comes. The picture above is Sage looking not too pleased with his turquoise bandana after his grooming.

And just when we think they are being good... Sage can get into a garbage can with more agility than a bear in Yellowstone. This is what we come home to!

And poor Heff can't even watch his favorite hunting shows with out Ollie whining and barking at the TV... does he really think he can get those deer?! (No pictures of Ollie, he is afraid of the camera for some odd reason).