Bradley Class

Heff and I had our first childbirth preparation class on Tuesday night. We decided to try the Bradley Method classes which is also known as "Husband Coached Childbirth." I told my mom I was going to buy the "Husband Coached Childbirth" book after Heff and I had looked into it a few weeks ago and she said "Oh just come over I have that book!" So we've been reading the 1964 version that says "there is no medical means to determine the sex of your baby" but other than a few changes is still pretty accurate. It's similiar to the Lamaze methods and works on relaxation and encourages natural childbirth.

The class Tuesday night was in a woman's home in Redwood City with a few other couples. It was what you would expect of a natural childbirth class! However :) Heff and I actually enjoyed it and found it really informative and not too hippie-ish.

My parents met our good friends Ann & Earl Skidmore in their Lamaze class when they were pregnant with me and one of my best (and definetly my oldest!) friend Jenn... I think we can safely say there weren't any Ann & Earl couples in our class! But since I've signed my willing husband up for about 15 classes before this baby come maybe we still will!