Happy Father's Day!

Heff's first (unofficial) Father's Day! He says it's like a Father's Day with training wheels on :) We had a relaxing day recovering from the parties. We slept in, went to the Johnet's for breakfast (John cooked us all eggs), helped clean up the carnage and the whole family sat outside enjoying the sun while Dad opened his birthday gifts and Father's Day cards. Then Heff and I did some cleaning of our own at home, he worked hard most of the afternoon cleaning out our garage then we went to the grocery store and he cooked me a yummy dinner! We're spoiled by the "dad's" in this family doing all the work AND feeding us on their big day!

I am so lucky to have Brian. He is an incredible husband, he always takes such good care of me, he's my best friend in the world and I can't wait to watch him be an absolutely fantastic father. Three more months to go! I love you Heff.