Nativity Carnival

We had a busy busy weekend...

Friday we BBQ'ed Tri-Tip at the Nativity Carnival! Academic Trainers sponsors the Tri-Tip BBQ for the school and parish (where we got married!) Heff and my dad along with the "SRBT" (St Raymonds BBQ Team) helped us, as usual, put on a great BBQ to raise money for a new gym and kindergarten at Nativity School. The carnival is always so much fun and a great way to kick off summertime, it has always been the big event aaround here since we were in junior high. We saw lots of friends, played a few authentic carnival games but luckily no one won a goldfish (last year if you remember our website post.... I sort of ate a goldfish on a dare from my brothers, but I don't think that's an allowed food on the pregnancy diet!!)

"Captain John" and Mare

James and Em wouldn't miss the Carnival either!

Mare & Heff

PRINCESS SOPHIE came to the Carnival too!

Happy after Churro's and Tri-Tip!