Baby Shower SQUARED

Cathleen Cahill (Claire's twin sister/Brian's Aunt) and Brenda Snider (a good family friend of the Heffernan's) threw Andrea and I a double Baby Shower at the Snider's home in Cottonwood (just north of Red Bluff) on Saturday. We all caravaned up to Red Bluff early Saturday morning with Kat, The Johnets and Baby Ann (only after Heff was helping move the playhouses out of the shopping center at 5:30am Saturday!)

The shower was so nice and so fun to talk about babies all afternoon! Margaret was there with Baby Ronan and Maureen had Ellie and Kate, along with our moms and friends who've had babies we got lots of good tips and advice. My sister was a little overwhelmed I think, watching us with wide eyes talk about having babies, I had to change the subject before she passed out (Sorry Baby Ann, we all know you're a fainter, good luck when it's your turn!) Everyone gave us adorable gifts for the babies... and lots of cute matching stuff we will have fun dressing Baby Heff 1 & Baby Heff 2 in very soon! Janet did the "ring test" holding a wedding band on a strand of the mothers hair over the belly and Andrea's baby said BOY but mine said GIRL (twice! once for Jan and once for Claire!) We'll see.... I've been thinking boy all along but might be feeling girl lately.

The Grandmothers-to-be (Claire times 2!)

Andrea's Belly is a little bigger than mine! She is 8 weeks ahead of me (so she's 33 weeks here, I'm 25 weeks)

Mare, Jan & Baby Ann

A Book from Aunt Kat for both babies called "My Daddy is a Giant"

Cousin Margaret & Baby Ronan

The hosts, Brenda and Cathleen with Mary and Andrea

Grandma Wichmann came up from Southern California for the shower!

Mary and Ellie making faces at Baby Ann

Aunt Kat helping Mary write the gifts and gift givers... after the wedding shower and Maid-of-Honor duties she joked "This is the job that never ends!" THANKS KAT!

Ellie and Ronan