We just got back from celebrating Baby Ann's 21st and Mothers Day for Jan in Las Vegas! Baby Ann and two of her friends, Jackie and Christine, drove out from Nashville with her after classes ended to kick off their summer vacation. We (my parents, brother Jerry, Heff and I) arrived early Saturday morning and enjoyed the sun and extra-large drinks until the college girls arrived. We gambled, sat by the pool, had a great dinner together and as usual in Vegas, just wanted a shower and our own bed by the time we left Sunday night! It was fun to see my sister and I'm glad she's home for awhile (at least a few weeks before she heads to Croatia for most of the summer!)

Mare and Heff with his 32 ounce Bloody Mary by the pool

Poolside drinks again! My 32 ounce VIRGIN Pina Colada left a lot to be desired :)

Happy Mother's day MOM! (with her gift, a book on the history of Flight Attendants) and it was a record 11 seconds on this flight before Jan told the Southwest flight attendant about her "glory days" as Kat says!

Christine, Jackie & Baby Ann headed out for dinner and the Blackjack Tables

Mare and Heff (pointing to Baby Heff!) at waiting for dinner

The boys (John, Heff and Jer)

Baby Ann and her sis (She finally gave me back my ID! Now she can be 21 again, not faking 29 to get in bars at Vandy... really Ann?)

Heading home winners! We didn't too too well at the tables, but Jan and I made up for it on our way out the door... we played the "2 cent" slots in honor of my mother-in-law Claire and between Jan and I walked away with over $350 in winnings! We're going back to those machines next time....