I've started to feel the baby kicking and it's so cool! Last week I left work and the girls asked me if I'd felt the baby yet, I disappointedly replied "no, nothing yet." Then as I was driving home I felt this little pop against my seatbelt and thought "What was that!?" I slowly started feeling little fluttering and tiny kicks over the next week or so... Heff is so excited but he was a little jealous he couldn't feel it too. :) Last weekend at the wedding, every time I'd tell him the baby kicked he'd put his hand on my belly waiting to see if he could feel it too, I wasn't even sure it would be strong enough for him to feel, but the baby never wanted to kick when Heff had his hand on my tummy. Then last night the baby was going crazy kicking and I put his hand right where I was feeling the kicks... nothing for a few minutes and then I felt this really strong kick and looked at Heff to see if he felt it, his eyes were huge and had a big smile on his face! He finally felt the baby kick too!