A "picture" of Baby Heff!

We had the follow up Ultrasound this afternoon (Monday) to try to get the last pictures they needed of Baby Heff. (The picture posted above was from last Friday and the first one we saw) I had a Coldstone ice cream on our way over to get the baby moving but they still couldn't get the right shot! It was fun to see the baby again, this time he/she had flipped over so it kind of looked like it was crawling, but still tucked up in the fetal position (I suppose that's why they call it the fetal position) The tech said it's fairly normal to take a few tries and everything looks fine, they just need all the angles to measure and make sure the baby's anatomy is all on track. So we go back Thursday to try again... We're not complaining, it's fun to see the baby moving around on the ultrasound screen!

Tonight, Heff and I are getting the baby's room ready for the crib and changing table that are arriving soon. (Thanks to the Grandparents-to-be! Claire & Tom gave us the Pottery Barn changing table and Jan & John are giving us the crib) Heff put in pull-down stairs in our hallway and finished off part of the attic for a whole area of new storage! We'll need it :)