Rebuilding Together Day

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Saturday was "National Rebuilding Day" for the organization Brian is Board President of this year. It used to be called "Christmas in April" and every year they take one Saturday in April to help renovate local homes in dire need of repairs. This year they did 72 houses and had over 4,000 volunteers out, everything went smoothly and we had a great day touring the houses to see the progress and meet the families and volunteers. Heff usually always works on one of the houses, so it was hard for him not to get in there with the power tools! There were so many great volunteers that made a big difference in so many houses in the bay area.

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Brian's sister Maureen and her girls, Ellie and Kate, were here from Salt Lake City all weekend with Brian's dad Tom (while our moms and Brian's sister Kat were in Nashville visiting my sister Ann, good thing our families like each other so much! Kat ran a half marathon in Nashville and placed in the top 10%!) So we had fun with the girls all weekend :) Here is a picture of Kate at the Rebuilding Together BBQ after the work day Saturday...RBT Kate.JPG