We've been doing a lot of work at home to get the house organized and ready to start a nursery for Baby Heff! I have a very patient husband who has now moved our bed into every room in the house trying to figure out where I want things (actually the last time I moved it while he was at work because I felt bad for changing my mind again!) But we love the new layout and the nursery-to-be is cleared out and ready to go. We decided to move our room into what was the guest room and make our old room into an office/playroom, then the baby will be in the third smaller bedroom that used to be Heff's "hunting room." My mom has Pottery Barn Kids coming for 5 days next week to shoot their fall catologue at her house so she's going to opt for a few days of gift certificates to PBK instead of cash (the house makes good money!) and we'll order the crib they gave us and maybe a few other things :) We'll post nursery pictures when we get some baby stuff in there.

Here is a picture of the new office... we both love working in here! green office.JPG

And our new blue bedroom! Heff Just replaced the last aluminum window in the house with a nice new one on the right, we just have to paint it now. :)
Blue room.JPG

And my husband cooking me dinner last night :) He takes very good care of his pregnant wife!
Heff cooking dinner.JPG