Doctor's appointment

We had an appointment Monday morning with Lisa Pineda at Palo Alto Medical, the nurse practicioner we see on alternate appointments with our doctor. Lisa is great and she's 6 month pregnant with her second baby so she knows the ropes. We heard the baby's heartbeat loud and clear on the doppler thing... it makes it so real! Last appointment I had gained 3 pounds and this appointment I hadn't gained any weight but I sure feel like I have! The belly is making an appearance :) The NP said I'll probably start packing on the pounds next month. It was a pretty quick appointment and the best part (besides knowing everything is ok w the baby of course :) was lunch with Heff at Scott's afterwards!

We have the big 20 week ultrasound two weeks from today... We are not going to find out if it's a boy or a girl but should be exciting to see how big the baby has grown!