The Crib

Heff and I were glad to have a quiet weekend to relax and do a whole lot of nothing. We took my dad out to dinner Friday night since my mom was in Nashville for the week visiting baby Ann and antique shoppng with her friends. Saturday we walked to breakfast and did some errands downtown (opened a Bank account for The Law Offices of Brian T Heffernan!) and enjoyed the nice sunny weather that is finally here! Sunday when "Jan" got home we walked over to my parents house for lunch and managed to find my old crib in the loft above the garage... my siblings all used it as well as my cousins Claire, Connor and Drew. It's a white "Jenny Lind" crib my parents got at Lullaby Lane when they were pregnant with me and we're going to use it in our nursery too! (Although Janet kind of wants it for her nursery, aka my sisters old room turned dad's office he's getting booted out of for Baby Heff... sorry Dad) It needs a little clean up and Heff if going to fix some of the hardware and make sure the slats and everything are "up to code" (we all survived it!) but we're excited to use it in our house.

Our neighbor, Philip, captured the moment on his camera phone :) Thanks Philip!