Another Doctor's Appointment and Off to Hawaii!

We had another doctor's appointment on Monday morning with Dr. Nicole Hong who will hopefully deliver Baby Heff! She is great and was very excited for us. We heard the heartbeat on the doppler at 150 beats per minute... it was so much fun to hear! We made our next three appointments for every 4th Monday and our 20 week Ultrasound at the end of April.

Heff and I have a busy schedule for the next few months! Hopefully all of our activities will help the time pass until we get to meet the baby :) We have 6 weddings between now and then, a few vacations (yeah!) and lots of family events. This Friday we're actually off to Hawaii for 6 days... my parents were going and we decided there wasn't much holding us back as Heff can work remotely with his new practice and work is pretty much under control for me. Time to stock up on poolside reading and find a bathing suit that fits!