Day One

Today was my husband's first day out on his own... or unemployed... however you want to look at it. :) Just kidding, he is rearing to go and feels so good about his big decision. He slept in until 8am (big for Heff and I'm sure won't happen often) hung out at home with me before he packed up the car with the law books that have been arriving on our doorstep all week (they sell these books by the measurement of feet they take up on a shelf) We went to Staples to outfit his new office, always a fun kind of trip for me, picking out printers and lots of new office supplies. Then my favorite part of the day... LUNCH together! Not a completley rare occurance in the past, but never with a relaxed, no rush to get back to the office husband. And we walked from his office to my office and to lunch! I am feeling very lucky to be looking forward to so much more time with Heff :)

We also had a visit from cousin Emmy today from Aptos with her three adorable babysitting charges (all under the age of 4) whom she brought from Aptos via the bus, the train and some walking... pretty impressive feat for a twenty year old and three little kids! We had fun at the "Brilliant Babies Photo Shoot" we hosted at the office in the afternoon (pictures to follow) and after they headed home Heff and I had dinner with our friends Larry and Lucy and another couple they knew who actually live on the other side of our fenceline! Always fun to meet new neighbors and we had a delicious dinner at Larry and Lucy's house.

Tomorrow... Heff gets to work now that his office is, as he says "dialed in"!