We Saw The Heartbeat!!

Heff took the morning off work Friday for our first doctor's appointment. We went to Palo Alto Medical Foundation at 9:15 and met with Lisa Pineda who took our family history and gave us lots of pamphlets, books and reading material to prepare for the baby. She went over everything I could and couldn't eat and was luckily very relaxed and lienent about it all... no soft cheeses that aren't pastuerized, no sushi or raw meat, careful about fish with mercury, etc.

Then she did an ultarsound and we were so happy and relieved to see a strong heart beat and a few great shots of the baby! It's only about the size of a grape, but she said we are right on track for where we thought we were. She also told us our due date is probably September 23 which is also Heff's god-daughter Madeline's birthday!

Here are the ultrasound images....