Big changes

Sorry we haven't updated anything in awhile (except this new blog layout! The old one reminded me of smelly Sage, our dog, and I had to change it... don't ask, pregnancy makes you act crazy.)

We've had lots of changes in the Heff household! Brian made the decision to leave his law firm, DLA Piper, a few weeks ago and today was his last day. He is going to start his own practice doing real estate law and I am so excited for him in his new venture.

We just had his "goodbye" party at The Dutch Goose tonight and all of his co-workers were so nice to give us our first real baby gifts! We got a very fancy Jeep jogging stroller that you can plug your iPod into and listen to music on the speakers! Rachel says it will help Heff lose his "couvades" weight (when he gets the same symptoms of pregnancy as I do). We put it together tonight and pushed it all over the house practicing, it's so much fun!

So Heff starts "The Law Office of Brian T. Heffernan" tomorrow morning... of course he's not taking a minute off :) except that he can't get the keys to his new office until 10:00am tomorrow which he was all stressed about, but I reminded him it means he gets to go out to breakfast with his wife! Oh, and his new office is two blocks from Academic Trainers in downtown Menlo Park so he also gets to look forward to daily lunches with his wife and hopefully some day with Baby Heff in the jogging stroller too!!