The Legacy of Grandma Heffernan

Brian's paternal grandmother, Bernice Borchard Heffernan, passed away last Friday night at her home in Southern California. She was a very neat lady and I was lucky enough to meet her twice, to celebrate her 90th and her 91st birthdays. Bernice raised four Heffernan boys Tom, Bob, John and Pat who have all raised great kids and are all still close... we get to see everyone often and always have fun with the family!

We went to southern California this weekend for her services and loved celebrating her life with all the Heffernan's. The rosary was held at a retreat center on the grounds of the home Tom grew up in that was donated to the Catholic Church, it was so neat to see the old house their grandparents lived in and learn so much about the Borchard family history. They were great farmers and contributed so much to those around them.

Here is a picture of the Heffernan granddaughters, Allison, Katherine, Katie, Maureen (and Ellie), Colleen and Jessica; with their "Grandma H" purses she famously carried always on her lap...