Francie Goes to The Office

Francie got all dressed up to spend the day in the office with me while I did some remodeling of Academic Trainers. She slept last night from 10pm to 6:30am, ate, then slept again until I had to wake her up at 11am to go to work with me! She was happy and smiling sitting up on the couch this morning (above) and then kinda fell over and looked a little confused as to what happened:

Francie sleeping in the new "Homework Club" area while I moved furniture

Uncle Jerry came down to Menlo to help. (thanks Jer!!) We had lunch at Stacks and Francie was so good, she just lounged on my lap and Jerry said "She seems like a person who lived once already and has come back and she knows how good it is to be a baby." We love Uncle Jerry.

Heff woke up this morning and took this ridiculous picture. The dogs love their new beds and are much less annoying since they can just exist on their beds all day and not chew their feet or shed dog hair in the living room BUT they are a little confused as to whose bed is whose...

I had "Mom's Night Out" tonight with about 25 other new moms in the area who have babies around the same age. It is a fun group... kind of like a sorority all over again :) Jannie and Grandpa watched Francie-pants as Heff went to the East Bay with a friend to watch some buildings blow up (traffic put them there right after the dust settled of course). Francie was kinda fussy tonight for her grandparents... I'm hoping she's not getting a cold like her dad just got over!