Dance, Auntie Ann, Dance

Auntie Baby Ann is on the committee for a Dance Marathon at Vandy to benefit Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital She is hoping for some loyal blog readers to sponsor her so she can raise money for the cause... for the actual event she plans "to sacrifice my feet, sleep, and usual Friday night plans to stay up for this 14-hour, all-night event!"

Practicing dance moves with Sophie?

If anyone out there feels so inclined to support a good cause and help Auntie Baby Ann reach her $1,000 goal (she's only at $50) just go to:

Francie will be sure to thank you personally on the blog :)

And speaking of Dancing....

"I know, if you clicked on that link you are laughing like I am right now."

These dogs ain't dancing... but they got fancy new beds to keep them off Francie's floorspace ( ~ Jannie saw them in some magazine or something, you can wash the whole bed. Sage and Ollie haven't moved since my overworked UPS man delivered them this afternoon. Lazy dogs)

Uncle Mark and Aunt Kat came over for dinner too... Aunt Kat is home safe from her whirlwind trip to Jamaica!