Happy 60th Birthday Oma & Nana!

December 28 was Claire and Cathleen's big 60th Birthday! We were ALL in Red Bluff to celebrate... Cathleen's son and daughter-in-law Bill and Anne with Maggie 4 yrs and Alastair or "Aly" 18 months came down from Seattle to join the crowd (who were all there already for Christmas) for birthday celebrations. We made a big breakfast with Bloody Marys, gave them matching gifts, went on a walk together to see the neighbors camels, zebra and miniature horses, enjoyed a day at home with their husbands, all 7 of their (collective:) children, spouses and 7 grandchildren. Everybody contributed to an "international" theme dinner with Green Curry and Hungarian Goulash. Happy Birthday twins!

All the kids watching Oma (Claire) and Nana (Cathleen) opening their matching gifts

Books we made on Publisher.com with pictures of the twins as babies and growing up

Once again Francie slept through the festivities

Francie still sleeping while the other babies played

Marge with two babies (Isabel and Ronan)

Grandma with Francie

Say "Ahh" Isabel! Oma feeds rice cereal to Isabel... she is a big girl now!

The guys bought their wives a boat to share with their grandkids... Heff helped pick out the right boat and bring it home for another birthday surprise for the twins. Oma checking out the rear without and engine thinking "Will we have to row this thing?!" (wrong motor installed so they will take it back for a power motor:)

Happy Birthday!

Doug surprised Maureen with a 36 hour visit! Heff knew he was coming in late at night from Salt Lake on a brief break from being on call in surgery... Kat was sharing a room with Maureen and the girls and couldn't understand why at 2am, who she thought was one of her brothers was crawling in bed with their sister ;)

The girls in matching outfits (shocking huh?) that Oma bought them.. the socks are attached to the tights, so cute!

Telling secrets already cousins?

Craig and Andrea cooked a traditional Hungarian "Goulash" for the birthday dinner, cooked over a fire outside... it was cold but fun cooking!

Margaret made birthday cakes for the twins for dessert! Some of Claire's friends came to join for dinner too, Jane Flynn here in between the twins

Which one of these is not like the others?:)