Francie's First Christmas Tree

Mom and sleepy Francie at the Nativity Church Christmas Tree Lot Sunday

Sunday we got our Christmas Tree and started decorating the house for Christmas! Last year we had Santa in an Adirondack chair pulled by three reindeer on our roof and we had to try to top that this year... It's not entirely done yet so no final product pictures, but here is a hint!

"Dad, you ruined our pretty Christmas Tree with that hacksaw!!"


Sunday Night wouldn't be complete without Sunday Night Dinner at the Johnets with the fam. In honor of Crab Season opening in the SF Bay, John brough thome 10 huge live crabs for yummy cracked crab dinner

"You guys are eating those things I just saw crawling around on the floor?"

Kelly and Pete came too!

Francie still upset about the crab (get used to it Francie-pants, your Dad does a lot worse than that in hunting season.)

Jerry, Allison and Gary

Worn out