Christmas at the Heffernans

We've been having a great time in Red Bluff for Heffernan Christmas this year. We arrived Wednesday afternoon with a caravan of SUV's after meeting Craig, Andrea and Isabel (who drove up from LA) at the SAC airport to pick up Maureen, Ellie and Kate who flew in from Salt Lake City. We met Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah, Aunt Kat, Claire, Tom, Cathleen, Rick, Jackie, Margaeret, Baby Ronan and Grandma Wichmann st the Heffernan compund in Red Bluff. Cathleen and Rick's house next door is almost done but not enough to camp out in yet so we had a full house at Claire's! Bill, Anne, Maggie and Aly flew in today so we've got the whole flock in one place. It's always fun to be in Red Bluff hanging out around the house with family, eating lots of good meals, playing lots of good board games and playing with lots of babies! Francie is interacting a little bit with her cousins and there is always a baby to hold up here :) We had a German meal for Christmas Eve (Dec 26) dinner and Prime Rib Dinner on Heffernan Christmas (Dec 27). Tomorrow is the twins 60th birthday so more celebrations to come!

The babies! Isabel (almost 5 months), Francie (3 months) and Ronan (7 months)

and all three in red pajamas... Francie and Isabel shying away from not-so-happy Ronan, he must want a Bumpo seat too!

Playing a game of poker Wednesday night... Craig and Andrea at the table

Margaret, Claire and Andrea in mathcing PJs from last year

Unlce Mark is not messing around

Kate in her PJ's ready playing with her sister and cousins

Christmas morning (Dec 27 :) we all gathered around in the living room for presents... Francie slept through the whole thing!

Andrea helps Isabel open her presents

Kate looks for presents under the tree and handed out the ones that weren't "too heavy"

The Heffernan and Cahill cousins (7 kids under 4 years old!)

Maggie and Ellie (both 4 years old)

Kate (2 years)

Aly (18 months)

Ronan (7 months)

Isabel (5 months)

Francie (3 months)

The boys in the bath

Aunt Kat was getting lots of giggles out of the girls!

Francie has been doing a lot of sleeping :)

Dad changing a diaper and hanging out with his little girl

Unlce Mark and Ellie making homemade crust for Pumpkin Pie

We're all ready for the birthday bash tomorrow!