Francie's Weekend Fun

Saturday night Francie hung out at her Grandparents in her "Baby's First Christmas" KissyKissy from Aunt Francy... we played at the Johnets for a while so I could "pack up" all of our gear from staying over for four nights, then Heff and I and Francie went to do a little Christmas shopping at Stanford Shopping Center and had dinner together at the Creamery. We're glad to have Dad back home!

Francie put on her Sunday best for 5:00 mass... her cute pink dress is from Lacey in Texas, it''s adorable!

Then we had Sunday night dinner with the whole crowd at my parents house. Heff watching football with Francie

Francie says "OMG! Did you see all those cute clothes Em brought me mom!!?" (Em and Allison both added to Francie's wardrobe, Allison with an adorable blue flowered bubble suit and Em's friend sent her a TON of cute cute "designer" outfits from LA... thanks girls!!)

James, Em and Francie-Pants

Jerry and Allison in front of Francie's tree...

Jannie did a whole tree for Francie with ornaments she'll get to keep that are all significant somehow to her first year of life! It's a neat tradition for Jannie to start (Grandchildren will supposedly only get the tree the year they are born or as Aunt Kat said "you might have a forest in here." Cute tree Jannie!)

The Johnets hosted us all for Jannies famous Beef Stew and lots of yummy food :)