Heff's Hunting Trip

Heff is back from 5 days in Eastern Montana hunting geese and pheasant with his friends Mike and Dave. He planned the trip months ago before Francie was born and I warned him he was going to be missing a baby but the extra bonus of this hunt being filmed for "Outdoor Life Network" made the decision for him. We took him to the airport at 5am Tuesday morning to meet Mike and Dave and another friend. They flew through Seatlle to Billings, Montana to meet their guide and the film crew. (Heff is on the far right in the picture above.. hard to tell them apart in full camo)

The first day they hunted from cornfields for big ole 20 pound Canada Geese (Francie says "thats 7 more pounds than me Dad!")

Putting out decoys for the second day of hunting in sugar beet fields

Wait... I don't see Dave?

Here they come

Mike, locked and loaded

Day 2 limits

So we go to pick Heff up at Oakland Airport Saturday and after barely making his connection in Seattle we were glad to see him get off the plane in Oakland... but the luggage is another story. The guys made Goose Sausage out of all of the birds in Montana, which was an ordeal I hear. But they got it done and packed into a big Rubbermaid container. They figured leaving the container out in the 13 degree Montana cold the night before their flight would ensure frozen sausage through the flight and into the freezers at home. WELL... an almost missed connection means certainly missed luggage. Heff's bag made it on the next flight an hour later (which we waited for) but the 100 pounds of thawing goose sausage did not. Have fun with that one Alaska Airlines...