Francie Finds Her Thumb

Francie and I have been missing dad after 4 days! While he was gone she found her thumb and goes to town sucking away, he won't believe how "big" she has gotten while he was gone. Heff comes home tomorrow morning with a cooler full of Montana Geese. He reports lots of fun with Mike and Dave and lots of pictures too. Maybe a few will make it on the blog this weekend :) Today, Francie and I had lunch with my friend Julia who just passed the bar (congrats Jules!) and worked a little more at the office on the new cubicles and workstations. She played with her "WhoozIt" in her bassinet and was very patient while I went nuts with the staple gun to cover the walls at Academic Trainers with new color-schemes. Then we had drinks with Aunt Kat at Left Bank and headed to dinner at the Johnets! Francie loves their bathtub :)

Almost got it...

There it is!

A happy girl with a built-in binky :)