Francie got a new cupcake knit hat from Grannie Jannie today! It was very appropriate since she was wearing her sweater that Jannie made three years ago and was the first thing she ever knit... Now she is a knitting machine :) Between Oma and Jan (tied for the fastest knitters on the planet) Francie is warm and cozy.

"Ohhh... I like my cupcake het."

Watching Sunday football with Grandpa

Playing in Jannie's nursery

Francie is giving us lots of smiles now

Happy Girl playing with Mom and Jannie

Sophie trying to give Francie some love

Sophie attacks the stinky toes! (Just kidding, she was yawning:)

"Did you seriously just let that dog lick me?"

"Jannie likes this ugly Terri Lee doll? I am soo much cuter!" (Sarah Coogan... can't you fly out here from New York and do something about this hideous doll Jannie seems to love (or loved:)

"Take that Terri Lee... you've been replaced."

Oh Princess Francie!

"Hahaha, you hear that Sophie... the throne is mine."

Big yawn (Sundays are for sleeping... Francie slept from 10pm to 6am last night and after a quick snack slept right on through to 10am. That's my girl:)