Francie the Party Girl

Monday Night we walked to downtown Palo Alto for another 23andMe Launch Party! Francie loves looking out of our baby carrier and made it the whole way to the Blue Chalk Cafe in downtown Palo Alto. She got passed around and enjoyed the party before falling fast asleep in Dad's arms and trekking home in the Bugaboo, which Dad decked out in reflectors for nighttime walking... safety first :). The party was soo much fun! We're so excited for Anne and Linda to launch this company and we celebrated with their friends and family, complete with a few rounds of Karaoke!

Francie bundled up with Mom and Dad and Anne

Sergey keeping Francie entertained

Karen, Linda, Mary and Anne singing "Oh What a Night"

Aunt Kat came too!

Dad sporting reflectors on the stroller before we left for our walk downtown... the picture really doesn't do justice to the fact that he has blinking red LED lights on both sides of the bassinet!