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We got home from Red Bluff Sunday and spent most of the day unpacking and getting settled (our 12 pound baby adds at least 12 times her weight in STUFF to the truck). We had dinner at the Johnet's with Aunt Kat and played Wii bowling since we missed the big Arnerich family tournament on Thanksgiving... Jannie beat Kat, Heff and I but she had practice :)

Thanks to the Heffernans for a great Thanksgiving! Here are four generations of Heffernan girls...

and Heff with his dad and daughter

Worn out after a fun weekend

Francie was so tired she went down for a nap today (Monday) at 11:00am in her papoose and didn't wake up until 3:00pm! I got a lot of "Cyber Monday" online shopping done, thanks Francie!