Francie and her Cousins

We had a fun Friday hanging around the house with the cousins... we went for a walk, played some Super Scrabble and Ticket to Ride, ate leftovers and the chefs are now whipping up a gourmet seafood meal for Thanksgiving Part II. Francie, Isabel and Ronan continue to keep us all entertained and I continue to change their outfits :)

The twins in the kitchen

Aunt Kat and her two youngest nieces

Auntie Andrea bought the trio these cute outfits. Uncle Brian has his hands full!

"Hey, gimme that!"

"A little help here Uncle Brian?"

"I want my Dad back!!!"

Francie trying out Ronan's Bumpo seat

Oma bought the girls these cute outfits for the October family weekend, they fit into them now!

Oma with the grandbaby girls (Francie was having a tough day... it's hard to find time for naps when your cousins are so much fun to play with!)

Dad multitasking with the Bjorn for a walk with his baby girl

More pictures later! I'm having fun in Red Bluff :)