Busy Baby Francie

We had a busy day Thursday! Francie and I walked to Cafe Barrone's with another mom and her baby Estelle, who is 3.5 weeks old, to meet the Mom's Group at 10:30am. We all sat outside enjoying the sun and last bits of warm weather with the babies. It is crazy to see so many young babies, moms and strollers in one place. All of the moms are really nice and it's a fun group to be a part of... lots of baby talk!

Jannie met us there and we walked to Heff's office to say hi to Dad at work and figure out what flowers we are going to put in this weekend for our over-haulin' landscaoe project. Francie got to play with Dad for a bit before we were off to the nursery (the plant kind, not the baby kind:)

Jan and Francie and I stopped at Roger Reynolds Nursery and picked out some Iceberg white climbing roses and some Bluestar Creeper ground cover... Heff has already picked up a bunch of Boxwood hedges and plants for the side of our yard by the fence. This is the before shot :) Hopefully it will look much different by Saturday afternoon!

Last night Aunt Kat, Jannnie, Francie and I went to the "Holiday Gift Show" at Holbrook Palmer Park in Atherton to shop for some cute baby and kids stuff and holiday treats!

Our friend Suzi Tinsley was there with her "Sugar Shack" treats... she helped introduce Heff and I the first night we met at the Dreams Happen auction. (After we had been talking for awhile she came up and asked if he was flirting with me to which I think I replied "I hope so" :) then helped drag him out on the dance floor later int he night. Thanks Suzi!)

We had dinner at the Johnet's to watch Arizona beat #2 Oregon... Jannie was trying to teach Francie to say "Bear Down Arizona!"

Grandpa and his favorite baby girl

"I've had a busy day for an 8-week old!" Francie went home and fell right to sleep :)