Francie's First Halloween Party

Francie the Pig with her 4H Farmers at her first Halloween Party in our front yard last night...

In the morning, Francie went with me to work for the first "real day" while I paid some bills, sent some invoices and checked in with the girls. Everything was under control so we went to Target for more Halloween candy and headed home around 2pm for party planning!

Francie in her bouncy seat and Halloween appropriate gDiaper helping mom make some cookies and hors d vours for the party

She was such a good girl while we were decorating and getting ready, she played in her crib for an hour and a half just looking at the animals on her bumpers and her mobile.

Silly Dad came home early from work to help... I found Francie like this in the office :) The Blackberry is not an age appropriate toy I guess

4H Farmer and her prize piggy in costume and ready to go

The Heffs First Halloween!

Neighbor kiddies

Our friends Melanie and Noah with his Arc :)

Francie's Farm Friends

James the Scary Lion cuddles Francie the Little Pig

Scary Uncle Mark (the kids quickly scattered when he arrived)

Aunt Kat the true Angel taking over all the last minute preparations in the kitchen (thanks Kat!!)

Em and the snoozing piggy

Alexis and James

The Heffs (scarecrow style)

Another scary guest! Jerry Carter fooled us as to who was walking into the party, and brought Francie two awesome pumpkins

Ali G and Em choose Halloween with Francie over festivities in SF

The Carters with their "stand in" grandbaby

The boys at the grill (as we said in our last minute email invites, we decided to "Go Big or Go Home" for the party and brought out John Simo's tow behind BBQ for some Lucy the Pig bratwurst

Grannie Jannie helping out (she was in SF all day to see the play "The Color Purple" with friends) and was surprised to see we pulled off party planning without her. She still managed to throw together two huge pots of yummy soups that we served from the BBQ and were gone quickly!

The Farmers and the pig

Anna the Monkey SO excited Kat gave her a huge handful of Halloween Candy

Aunt Kat and Jannie at the "bar"

Until Next Year... Happy Halloween! (thanks for the pretty pumpkin Aunt Kat!)