A Typical Night for Francie

Most nights, if we make dinner at home, we walk down to our neighborhood "Willow Market" for groceries and wine. Heff tried Francie in the "dad sling" I bought since the other carriers are all a little girly. Francie wasn't so sure she was ready for this mode of transportation yet...

That would be a NO

Get me out of here!

So we bundled her up for a walk in the stroller instead... She's still mad about the sling incident :)

Mom and the bundle

Aunt Kat and Uncle Mark came to join us for dinner too

Aunt Kat kept Francie happy during dinner by giving her the "Binky Friend" (a kind of creepy soothie binky attatched to a stuffed animal)

Our night time routine (not that we are organized enough to have a routine yet, but the usual things we do with Francie)...

Mom plays on the couch

Then Dad reads a bedtime book for Francie!