Francie is Making New Friends!

Francie is certainly making new friends in the Mommy/Baby Playgroup circuit! We've been to Day One in Palo Alto for a 0-6 month baby group, to the Stanford Moms Group for 0-5 month old babies and we're going to try the "Blanket Babies" group for pre-crawlers tomorrow morning. Francie has met lots of cute babies... she's hoping for some BFF's but we'll have to see :) It is fun to talk to other new moms, although Jannie feels a little slighted when we have other plans! Francie is starting to smile at us (mostly at Dad, Jan and Auntie Ann... the books say they won't smile at Mom first because "mom means business"). Here she is with her first doll!

Almost a smile...

and a smirk!...

On our way out of the house, Francie is the one who means business in this picture

then she cracked a smile :)

Jannie assisting in an outfit of course... We can't meet new friends without a change of clothes!

This was my little "bubble suit" Jannie had saved, it won't fit Francie for much longer but she looks so cute in it!

We think her eyes are turning more blue... they were grey/blue when she was born but have become a lot more blue in the last few weeks. Heff has blue/green eyes and I have hazel eyes so a blue eyed baby girl wouldn't be out of the question but I never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby!

Dad home from work and his run greeting his baby girl!

Yummm... salty sweat :)

After a daddy diaper change and happy sleeping on her favorite spot