Francie loves shopping!

Ok, so this kid has a lot of clothes and I put her in new outfits all day long... my relatives think I'm crazy and I know I am, but it's so much fun! It doesn't help that I have Jannie to hang out with all day who just encourages it. I used to despise shopping (ask my sister Baby Ann how bad I am to shop with, she is the queen bee in that department) but for Francie I am out of control. Jannie and I put each other on a week long time-out from buying anything for her (starting tomorrow:) Here was her day Wednesday...

"Oh what am I going to wear today?..."

Cuddled up with me on the couch in the morning while I blog/email and check other people's blogs:) (at least I can say I don't online shop too much, besides being addicted to Amazon "Prime" with free overnight shipping, but I don't usually go there for clothes!)

Francie tried on her new "party dress" and bloomers, but decided she should wait for a bigger party day indoors

Getting ready for a trip to the shopping center in her polka dots

I wish I could wear something this comfortable out of the house!

Bundled up to go shopping, it's cold outside today

Jannie and Baby Francie ready for the fall weather

Francie's first time at the dressing rooms, with our friends Joy and Kelly, who met us at Stanford for lunch and some shopping

Kelly is going to be Francie's first non-family babysitter when we go to a wedding in a few weeks! She is great and loves Baby Francie... she and her mom Joy stayed at Janet's house last year for a few months while Kelly finished treatment after a Bone Marrow Transplant, she'd doing great and we love when they come back for visits!

The "Oldest Girls Club" we are all proud to be a part of and remind Kelly's mom often she and Baby Ann and Kelly's adorable little sister Shannon can't join! We were taking this picture in front of a giant pumpkin at the shopping center, (it's hidden behind us) but I realized looking at it now this is the spot where I met Heff! We were both there for a fundraiser, "Dreams Happen" and I poured him some wine in almost this exact spot... now we have this beautiful baby girl 2 years later!

"Is that what you are supposedto use my stroller for mom?!"

Back home relaxing in her comfy clothes waiting for Dad to come home from work and play!

Playing with a Silver Spoon in her mouth (almost!) from our good friend Gene Kates

She loves it!