Francie's First Pumpkin Patch

Saturday morning we headed out to Webb Ranch for Francie's first Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had the whole Heffernan crowd out to check out the pumpkins and pony rides. The lines were a little long for the pony rides but we had fun with the pumpkins and hay bales :) Francie had a few outfits to choose from for her first time to the Pumpkin Patch so this outting deserved it's own post (the rest of the Heffernan family weekend festivities on the next entry!)

Quick diaper change on the hay bales

Dad with his little pumpkin

Looks like she's mad at Mom...

Maybe because I made Dad put her in the pumpkins for a picture! (I couldn't resist, sorry Francie)

The new moms with their babies

Francie's pumpkin outfit from Jane Flynn

Ellie and Kate

The Heffs!

Pit-stop at the Dutch Goose for burgers and beers after the Pumpkin Patch

Kate slurping some spilled soda off the table, you can't let that go to waste if you're 2!

Francie says "Kate, that's kinda gross"

Smiling up at her Dad...

...and already sticking her tongue out at Mom for pictures!