"What to Expect"... From Your Mother-in-law!

050603_HealthExpectingBook_vm.standard.jpg So Heff and I were in Newport this weekend for a big Heffernan family gathering celebrating Bernice's 91st birthday... while we were gone Janet was graciously taking care of our awful beasts for a few days. We came home Sunday to a clean house as our housecleaners (who usually show up unexpectedly on random days) had been to tidy up and they found my pregnancy book "What To Expect When You're Expecting" somewhere under the couch and left it right on top of the Scrabble dictonary in the living room, with a bookmark in it nonetheless! It was one of the books Heff and I picked up on a walk downtown Palo Alto a few weeks ago, anxious for some what do we do now reading... Heff got "The Expectant Father" :)

Needless to say I thought our cover was blown Sunday as Janet had to have seen the book! BUT... I think I pulled off a huge cover-up by announcing at Sunday night dinner with the fam that I was planning to visit Kim Carter again this week (who is homebound 20 weeks pregnant with triplets!) to deliver a "What To Expect" book a girl from work had given me to pass on to her since it "had a good section on triplets." Phew... the only problem was I that I was so nervous about pulling off the successful fib I took a swig of the red wine glass in front of my plate after I finished talking!! I guess one sip can't hurt that much and Heff slyly finished the rest for me :)