Fake beer tastes pretty good

800x600.jpg It's so hard to keep it a secret but we were saying our prayers and taking good care of me to make sure this baby isn't going anywhere. The hardest part in keeping the secret is the dead giveaway in not drinking... I always thought I'd have a hard time not drinking when I got pregnant, but I don't have any desire for wine or beer since I found out I was pregnant. Brian offered not to drink either but that's no fun! He might as well take advantage of having a DD while he can. He is very sweet to offer though and he has been "taking one for the team" secretly sipping my wine, switching our beer bottles and ordering vodka tonics, hold the vodka.

The three hardest people to pass the "not drinking in front of" test... Kat, Kristie Flynn and my mom.

1) The day after I found out I was pregnant I went over to Katherine's house to hang out while she babysat her friends two adorable kids... which of course includes wine! She poured me a tall glass I couldn't say no to and had to pour it in the sink a little at a time (sorry Kat, hate to waste good wine!) but as far as I know, she couldn't tell.

2) We were out with the Flynn's in Red Bluff last week and went to dinner at the Green Barn in town. Heff and I arrived early and ordered a sparkling water with lime that looked like a vodka tonic. Of course the guy used a tall water glass and when Kristie and Brendon arrived she told the waitress "I want what she's having!" I looked at the waitress and said "tall vodka tonic" with a wink... they brought her a different, smaller glass, but I don't think it raised too many eyebrows. Heff helped drink the red wine they poured which of course meant I was driving back to Claire and Tom's!

3) Sunday night dinner at Su Hong with Jan and John after church this weekend. We sat at the bar to watch the end of the football game and luckily Jan wanted a Sapporro so we "split" one. I told her it tasted better from the bottle so she didn't notice she drank the whole thing :) Then of course John orders a bottle of chardonnay (which my husband says is wine for cooking, not drinking) and the waiter poured 4 HUGE glasses. Heff had to drink both mine and his... I was giving him "I'm sorry!" looks all night and he was lauhing (sort of) after we dropped my parents off that he was plotting how to explain a DUI with his inlaws should he have been pulled over that night!

Jan and John's Anniversary Party

The other night I came home tired from work so Heff went to the store and got me "fake beer" or non-alcoholic Beck's. It actually tastes pretty good! Heff refreshed my fake beer in our camo wedding coozies during my parents 30th anniversary party too. :)

It's tough to pull this part off! Does everyone have this problem or am I just a well known lush??